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We adhere to the all for the sake of customers, all let customers rest assured, all make customers satisfied business policy. For many years, our company has been strictly abide by the honesty, efficiency, service-oriented service purpose. We won a good reputation with wooden-gift-boxes, box for sushi, take away sushi box, thin wooden box, black box sushi. Our company has always been adhering to the "quality first, reputation first" and "people-oriented, environmentally friendly" business philosophy. A number of customers have establish a stable cooperative relationship with us.Based on the concept of "deep cooperation, collaborative development and value co-creation", we grow together with the majority of supply chain partners. And we continuously improve the sustainable development ability of enterprises and supply chains through close exchanges and cooperation and collaborative innovation. We look forward to working together with our supply chain partners to establish a transparent, responsible and sustainable supply chain and supply chain management mechanism, so that our products and services can meet the requirements of environmental and social sustainable development from the source, so as to achieve sustainable development for black box sushi, sushi takeaway box, thin wooden box, sushi box take away.

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