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Wooden Baking Mold with Silicone Oil Paper
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Product Description


*Using Wooden Baking Mold has become an increasingly popular way to bake. Wooden Baking Mold is made of wood you can't imagine. Don't worry, the wood can withstand the heat of the oven perfectly. Baking molds made of natural wood do not contain any chemical ingredients to ensure the health and safety of your baked goods. The mold with holes can ensure that the food is heated evenly. It comes with a non-stick grade silicone paper lining that allows toasted bread to be unmoulded easily. Wooden Baking Mold can be reused 8 to 10 times. You just need to replace the silicone paper inside.

*Suitable for baking breads, pies, Lasagna and tarts, etc. It can also be used directly as a serving tray.

*Suitable for ovens, freezers and microwaves.

*Temperature: -20℃~230℃.

*Material: Poplar.

*Silicone paper is non-stick grade.

*Customized logo service (MOQ 2000).

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