The development trend of food packaging design
2014-06-29 07:55:51

 The development trend of food packaging design
In recent years, food packaging materials are diversified, include metal, glass, paper, plastic, wood and composite materials.

Food packaging function can not be underestimated, for example, the damp proof, preservation, temperature, water, sterilization,

anti-corrosion (antioxidant) water resistance, acid resistance, oil resistance, deodorant and other functions.
A) Food packaging design needs personalized to attract more customers. Days before, in a Japanese tourism promotion activities held

in Shanghai, a cartoon doll - small steamed bun "bag" is very popular, desigened by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of tourism. It is

laconic, cute, with big "dumplings" head, a few hair like folds the steamed stuffed bun, coupled with a round black eyes and smiling

mouth, very interesting.
B)Food packaging design needs to be eco-friendly, which is conducive to environmental protection, is the inevitable trend of China

food packaging design. Just as the "Daily Mail" reported on 16, by Dr. Davis Edward led the development of a wiki edible film edible

membrane, made of biodegradable polymers or plastics mixed food particles made of eggshell, looks similar, but also disseminated a

variety of tastes, but it is not only used for the solid food, can also be used for liquid food, such as soup, cocktail, soda and

Coffee etc.. Wiki edible films not only will not pollute the environment, but also can eat.
Eco food packaging design, that is to say the use of green packaging materials, including paper packaging, biodegradable plastics,

edible packaging, natural materials, packaging, new environmental protection materials. Or the use of recycled materials, including

recycling convenient, facilitate the separation of materials. Or facilitate the repeated use of materials. Green or manufacturing

process. Or try to simplify the packaging, including packaging, packaging it appropriate to give up.
C)Food packaging design needs security signs. In recent years, China's food safety incidents. Apple snails, crabs, "Red duck's

egg", Turbot, melamine...... Come one after another "problem food" event, let people again and again "appreciate" unscrupulous

operators forget honour at the prospect of profits "black heart", but also exposed many "black holes exist in the food safety

supervision system". So in the design of food packaging, food security. Mainly through several channels, one is the security design,

anti-counterfeit printing on the corresponding packing, two is affixed label, from the practice proved that add anti-counterfeit

label is a more effective method. Anti fake label is mainly used in the food industry are: laser anti-counterfeit labels, digital

anti-counterfeit labels, fragile anti-counterfeiting label.
D) food packaging design needs the modern commodity packaging design with e-commerce sales. More and more people choose online

shopping, people can not see the real goods in the shop, only to choose the packaging design. So online packaging design needs to

strengthen the function of packaging: the first, communication function, help identify customer easily and accurately decide. Second,

provide information, and provide sufficient information for customers, for customers to strengthen brand identity on the internet.

Third, interactive features, to attract the attention of customers and arouse the curiosity of customer products. Fourth, to

stimulate, stimulate customers to buy the impulse and effective online marketing.
The expert points out that, the food cannot do without packaging, packaging has a direct impact on the quality of food, grades

and marketing. Chinese food packaging design trend must be individualized, green, safe anti-counterfeiting mark, the modern commodity

packaging design with e-commerce sales.
Editor: Yin Yingying

source: Chinese packaging network Time: June 28, 2014