What is wood baking molds?
2014-08-07 22:28:08

 What is wood baking molds?

The wood baking molds, with another name wood baskets,  are different like other baking molds, it's made of wood and disposable. They usually have about four types varied from shapes, square baking molds, rectangular baking molds, octagonal baking molds and wood rings for baking.
The wood baking molds are good for freezing, thermic overn, microwave and of course, baking. It usually can stand the tem from - 40°C to + 240 °C. 
And the following are some of the specifications of LVFENG wood baking molds:
-Material: Poplar
-Application: Bakery
-Freezing, thermic oven, microwave
-Temperature from - 40°C to + 240 °C
- 100 % Biodegradable
-With or without silicone paper
-Color for silicone paper: White, Brown, Black
-Natural and sewn with natural fiber, No Glue.
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