Sushi Bars in France
2014-07-30 23:51:42

Sushi Bars in France 


According to the report by Intrafish in July 23, annual sales of Japanese Sushi Food in French Market has reached $148700000. Marco Polo Foods confirmed that the number will continue to increase, and will occupy more market.

Marco Polo Foods will adjust the management mode and focus on the development of retail business. The company will establish big Sushi Bar in large self-service supermarkets. Consumers can directly see the whole production process of sushi.

There are around 7000 largge self-service supermarket in France, and 1500 stores. But there're only 170 Sushi Bars. Therefore, Marco Polo Foods Company is very confident about the future. Marco Polo Foods company will also develop Sushi Fast Food and snack products.