Sushi Shop Famous for Its Disgusting
2014-06-26 04:30:15


Sushi Shop Famous for Its Disgusting



Food in Hongkong Mingjiang sushi restaurant is disgusting, it still attracts a large number of fans. In fact, according to foreign media reported in June 21st.

It was so popular, that there will be more 6 stores opened in Hongkong.


What is the reason causing the sushi so horrible? According to the 38 year old Food blogger Patrick Lai, fried Scallop in Shell sushi and Oe Zushi are of the worst. There is Tuna sushi, looked like a brown liquid. Their home Fresh Fruit Salad sushi and corn salad sushi is also notorious repute. Patrick will eat the sushi likened to play super Marie, this is a valuable life experience.


The 19 year old Don Tsang of Hongkong is "one team" an activist, he said: "because it is the worst, so it is the most popular." Tsang to eat sushi here in the video posted on the Internet, getting 65000 hits. Net friends come back to the restaurant with a song "the comrade in arms", the 4 minute song got 350000 hits in the YouTube.

However, not everyone come here just for fun, some serious eaters rushed here for the low price. A restaurant


has been able to provide food, which is slightly odd, even though it won a high reputation. But many people suspect this is a marketing strategy.

Hongkong Food editor Lau Kin-wai admitted that because the price is cheap, the store also not so bad. "Because the price is low, quality is not high compared with other sushi. I think people come here to eat just to eat, they may experience is here."


But he surprised everyone, Ming sushi has such a great reputation, but its Shamshuipo branch is at the beginning of this year closed.


This makes many fans are very disappointed. (Intern editor: Hu Yajie review: Zhu Yingku)


Source: Xinhua Net Time: June 24, 2014