Some characteristics in the design of food packaging industry
2014-06-15 22:27:44

Packaging, it must be designed to meet the core needs of consumers, there must be real value. In all age groups in the elderly culture emphasizes simple, really, but now all kinds of old people health supplements are generally is "excessive packaging form than content". These products even able to attract the occasional gift buying, also difficult to win consumer loyalty, lack of long-term development of power. And food packaging as an important means to ensure food safety and health has been more and more attention.
Some characteristics should pay attention to in the design of food packaging
1, aesthetic characteristics
Food packaging has a unique characteristic of their own, for example, will consider food color according to the characteristics of food, such as strawberry cookies will consider the use of red, orange flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange etc.. Now people's aesthetic view of continuous improvement, to meet the aesthetic needs of people has become the main topic of packaging design. The former simple put a product picture of packaging has been unable to meet the people's aesthetic view, they need more artistic forms. But designers also through abstract methods, make the product packaging more artistic, giving people a daydream space. Joint effect planning for a carnivorous product design, the cartoon image, the effect is very obvious.
2, rationality
Packaging images can be proper exaggerated, but without any exaggeration. Modern food packaging design more and more use of art performance features, such as the computer drawing of product, this method can make up for the deficiency and photographs, ingredients, raw materials and other random combination, make people more intuitive understanding of the products, trust products.
3, the unique
The market of food packaging is a superb collection of beautiful things, how to make their own food talent showing itself from many other commodities, which requires innovation, new in order to be different. So how to make the packaging of products out of the ordinary? Below, a few examples:
Instant noodles packing in the popular impression, nothing more than several color: red, yellow, green, orange. In addition to the awareness of the brand, in the packaging and almost no what comparability. Wugudaochang series of instant noodles market upended this type of product color usage, the use of bold black, white. Coordination of the proportional division made good, managed to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, wugudaochang series win instant noodles packing in color.
Formerly most of sausage products are sausage itself and a layer of plastic, or a group with a plastic square outer packing, the lack of its own personality, it is difficult to jump out in many products. And Longda foodstuff Group Fu Jiyuan ham launched like bread packaging the same Zhakou plastic, therefore from similar products talent showing itself, win it in the form of packaging.
4,  pertinence 
Because some of the food, consumer groups for a range of performance, in the packaging to highlight. Such as in the old food, packaging forms are traditional, color also produced by deep and stable color; children's food packaging requirements the lovely and lively, colorful and often have some additional value (such as can act as a toy or collect); for a regional product, can show the local features in the package, such as dialect traditional culture, etc..
Goods often have a certain age range of sales, the same goods, packing to do cater to all ages consumer tastes, is generally not possible. Therefore, in commodity packaging design, should be designed rationally according to the different age of consumption object.
Relatively speaking, old people often pay more attention to the plain, simple. So, for the elderly in merchandise sales packaging design can not blindly pay attention to fine, complex, design should be based on simple, generous, concise.
And for young people in merchandise sales packaging design is different. Young people usually like out of the ordinary, like new, unconventional, beg strange, like to express themselves, pay attention to personality. Using this class of consumers as the target market of product packaging can be bold in color to try, to try to break through the traditional in appearance, as well as in the logo of "personality" hype "out of the ordinary" and so on, to lead the trend, creating fashion. As for the children for the sales of goods, should pay attention to meet their demanding interest psychology. As American a company in the production of biscuits tank cover is printed on a variety of interesting riddles, only to find out cookies at the bottom of the tank, the results by a large number of small customer. And the children's curiosity and can often drives them to repeat purchase.

Sales of packaging is to protect the fusion function and artistic aesthetic feeling, is a practical and novel combination of innovation. Promotional packaging successful producers thought psychological, creator of the psychology and needs of the buyers psychological resonance. Sales of merchandise packaging only grasp the psychology of consumers, to meet consumer preferences, to meet consumer demand, stimulate and guide the consumer sentiment, can talent showing itself in the fierce competition, have full assurance of success.