2015 food packaging machinery output value is expected to exceed 600 billion
2014-07-02 07:44:49

 2015 food packaging machinery output value is expected to exceed 600 billion 

Packaging machinery in China since the industrial revolution has gradually developed, it plays more and more important role in China Industry. Chinese Federation of machinery industry expected that, from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of China food processing and packaging machinery industry will exceed 600 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate remained at 16% level.
The food industry is the main customer of packaging machinery. With the development of the food industry, food packaging machinery products has entered a new stage of development. The status of the packaging industry play a decisive role in the food industry, with the pursuit of more in depth the development of the market demand.
  However,China's packaging machinery development foundation is weak, the product grade is not high, quality, safety, technology, efficiency are not in place of the situation. At present there are more than 7000 factories engaged in the food and packaging machinery production, but more than 95% are small and medium enterprises, private enterprises, and the geographical distribution of thing ministry difference is big, concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and other economically developed areas, only a few have their own R & D capability of many enterprises, high-end packaging machinery products is less and less. The majority of small companies are imitating the large packaging machinery enterprise products, almost no innovation ability.
    It is understood, packaging machinery American current prospects is: horizontal pillow type packing machine computer control and power control device is equipped with a servo motor and a film Zhang Lihao, the future of microelectronic, computer, industrial robots, intelligent, image sensor technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in the packaging machinery, packaging machinery on the trend of automation, high efficiency, energy saving direction. The developed countries have nuclear technology, microelectronic technology, laser technology, biological technology and system engineering into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology. New alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and other new materials have been applied.   
While China's packaging machinery excessive dependence on foreign advanced technology, has seriously hampered China's sustained, stable development of the packaging industry. At present, food packaging machinery increasingly fierce competition, the future food packaging machinery will coincide with the industrial automation, promote improve the overall level of packaging equipment, food packaging equipment the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption.
    High-end technology products is the competition focus of contemporary food packaging machinery technology development. High and new technology widely used in food and packaging machinery, has the basic characteristics of high intelligence, high efficiency, high competition, high efficiency etc.. As high and new technologies, so greatly promote the development of national food and packaging machinery industry, the continuous production instead of intermittent production, by the specialized production instead of the general production, produced by large instead of small production, the whole process quality control quality control instead of the final product, realize the continuous production, professional operation, automatic food processing and packaging process control, process control and industrial management. These technological leapfrogging, mainly is the high and new technology plays an important role in application, more and more significant effect.
    Domestic packaging machinery products also faces great difficulties: the ability of independent innovation is not strong, advanced technology with foreign countries; vicious price competition, product duplication and the phenomenon of widespread plagiarism; basic development relative lag, basic parts, automation, intelligent control system and testing equipment, machining and manufacturing equipment is obviously lagging behind on the main development. Wanted domestic packaging machinery products to high-end development, we should overcome these problems.
From Huicong Net. Time: July 1, 2014