2014-07-14 21:02:47

 I got a news recently that there will be a NO PACKAGING FOOD SUPERMARKET open in Berlin. Berlin City Hall said that the construction of the NO PACKAGING FOOD SUPERMARKET is not only to Protect environment, maintain ecological balance, but also to reduce food waste, customers can buy certain amount according to their own needs.

Well, this is a great idea!

Some people might think that it will not be successful, some even think that the govenment is playing a show. I donot think so.

It will have very good influence to the society. Perhaps this supermarkt will not be very successful, but it will give people a kind of consciousness, that it's not good to waste food. And if it really succeeds in one city, then to other cities, I canot imagine the positive influence in futhre.

We'll see what they will get.