Insects in Wooden Pallets from Italy
2014-07-22 07:30:30

Insects in Wooden Pallets from Italy

Recently, Office staff in Hengshui inspection and Quarantine Bureau found some old wooden pallets without "IPPC" Logo.
These pallets are for raw rabbit skins imported from Italy.

After careful inspection, they found a variety of insects hiding, the inspection and quarantine personnel sampling immediately destroyed these wooden pallets.

The inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Hebei Bureau of identification, pests intercepted respectively: Armadillidium vulgare Latreille, Heliophanus kochii, Phlegra bresnieri, spider and Bursaphelenchus. This is the first time they found a variety of pests from imported wood packaging in Hengshui.

Wooden pallets are the most popular packaging materials in international trade, also an important carrier of the dissemination of forest diseases and insect pests, plant quarantine department has attracted worldwide attention.

Hengshui inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently strengthen the inspection of wood packaging imported from France, Italy, especially those wooden pallets without IPPC identifications.