Green Revolution
2014-07-18 22:18:05
Green Revolution

With the development of Market Economy, commodity packaging is becoming more and more important in China. Food Packaging has been an indispensable part in circulation and consumption.Sometimes, packaging quality is a way to judge the quanlity of products.

 Lightweight Plastic Packaging materials in recenty years are used widely in China, which leads to great environmental pollution problems.We must do something to stop this.
A) Packaging material
We should try to use some Green Packaging materials, like wood, paper pulp, etc.
B) Food Packaging
C) Consideration of environment protection
Simplified packaging do packaging moderate packaging, excessive packaging is a kind of waste, which also causing unnecessary pollution. Now many countries are advocating moderate packaging and have introduced a lot of corresponding regulations on commodity packaging complex, the luxurious degree according to certain proportion limit, beyond the requirements of heavy. It forces businesses to simplify the packaging, to reduce the pollution of the environment.