Food packaging should be marked transgenic
2014-07-05 01:22:31

 Food packaging should be marked "transgenic"

Soybean Milk, tofu, Yuba bean products of hygiene will be more secure. "Some provisions of safety supervision and management quality 
of the bean products in Shenzhen city" (hereinafter referred to as "" Regulations "") yesterday issued in the latest government 
communique, and will come into force on August 1st..
"Regulations" points out that, "GM soy products" in the packaging marked position, must be carried out according to the label, and to 
"genetically modified" three word text height according to different size of packaging requirements, eye-catching.
Mandatory "transgenic"
"Regulations" is suitable for the production of soybean products sales and supervision and management, and increased penalties for 
violations. Bean products including tofu, Soybean Milk, dried bean curd, Oily bean curd, dried bean curd, dried bean curd, tofu curd 
In order to get safe bean products, "Regulations" also have strict requirements on the packaging and identification of bean products 
. "Regulations", in addition to the bean products, bean products production and sales in Shenzhen must be the proper packaging and 
labeling. Packaging is divided into pre packaging and packaging two.
At the same time,  the packing should shows the food name mark, production date, shelf life, storage condition, the name of 
manufacturer, the production license number and so on, this means that the naked and bean products without food labeling will no 
longer allow in Shenzhen.
    Most public concern is, "Regulations" requirements of transgenic soybean products must be prominently marked on the packaging. 
"Regulations", the use of transgenic soybean production soybean products approved by the Department of Agriculture approved, shall be 
marked in accordance with the law in the packaging a prominent position, and the "genetically modified" three word text height were 
forced to.
It is understood, at present the total supply of about daily soy tofu Shenzhen investment volume of 200 tons, the local obtained the 
production license of the enterprise is close to 30, the daily amount of about 100 tons of soybean, the remaining 100 tons mainly 
from Dongguan, Huizhou and other neighboring city supply.
  By the end of last year, production of Shenzhen  sampling qualified rate of bean products production has been rised from about 40% 
to 93%, food process sampling qualified rate has reached 95%, the circulation of qualified sampling rate is relatively low,  from 
about 30% to 81%.