Food packaging in the security door call for green packaging
2014-06-17 18:40:47

 Chinese Packaging News, Sohu Health detect the presence ofheavy metal antimony plastic bottle part of drinks. The research institutions has not been determined, however, many big brand products are involved and this is important to our lives, the news broke that the food safety problem once again stand vividly revealed on the paper.


Beverage packaging industry to make the "security door"

It is understood, the detection of Sohu Health Channel Combined with national authorities, mainly in 12 brands of common beverages and condiments plastic bottle. The detection results to be startled at, inspectors found 9 with PET(polyester) bottle material contains carcinogenic heavy metals antimony, which has many well-known brand products, such as Coca-Cola, NiulanshanErguotou, fortune oil etc.. HDPE (high density polyester) and PP(polypropylene) bottle material is not detected in sb.

This heavy news in the 3 / 15 before burst, will no doubt becomes the focus of attention recently


However, China beverage industry association wrote that, methods specifieddetection is not national standards, also released that data does not indicate units, are not scientific, can not be used as the basis for judgingwhether the product is qualified. China beverage industry association also pointed out, widely used and recognized the production process usingantimony catalyst for producing plastic food containers in the world includingChina is included. At present. At present, the antimony residue in the plastic bottle of really exists, but it is harmful to the health of antimony remainsinconclusive, research institutions have also Public opinions are divergent.,this happened with the last liquor plasticizer event quite similar.

It is reported, PET packaging in the previous liquor model changes agent disturbance was also came under the condition of high temperatureprecipitation of plasticizer. Research shows that, PET heat resistance to 70 ℃,but the use of more than 10 months, may release DEHP plasticizer, possibility of heating will undoubtedly encourage plasticizer precipitation.

Packaging industry or face big reshuffle

It is understood, from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of Chinesepackaging industry is expected to break 600000000000 yuan, an average annual growth rate of about maintained at 16% levels. In the classification of products, Chinese paper packaging products production by 2015 will reach 36000000 tons, plastic packaging products 9460000 tons, metal packaging products 4910000 tons, glass packaging products 15500000 tons, packaging machinery 1200000 sets. Is expected to become the main mode of circular economy, packaging industry of the future development of packaging wasterecycling of resources will realize the industrialization, green packaging materials will be developed and development, basic packaging industry will also accelerate the development of. The PET packaging burst event, will fight against the formation of plastic packaging products, have a positive effect onpaper packaging metal packaging industries.


From: Zhongyanwang June 16, 2014