Food Packaging Machinery Exports From Negative To Positive
2014-06-21 22:38:32


Food Packaging Machinery Exports From Negative To Positive



The recent machinery export situation: food packaging machinery exports from negative to positive

    [Asia food industry] According to statistics, in March, machinery industry growth of 13 industries y has been recovered compared that in Feb., the food packaging machinery growth is more quickly among the export growth.


China has been becoming the fourth biggest country for Exporting machinery

    In order to catch up the step of other countries in the technical field of engineering machinery , also to strengthen its market position, China also put a lot of effort. In the past five years, China has risen to become the world's largest manufacturers of machinery, its sales of EUR 563000000000 in 2011. At the same time, China never stops working harder. In 2011, exports of goods Chinese investment goods industry value of 87700000000 Euros, compared with the previous year, an increase of more than 20% to 10.2% of the market share, Chinese thus became the exporter in the mechanical world fourth.

    The recent machinery export situation: food packaging machinery exports from negative to positive

    Since 2010, the Russian demand for machinery and equipment has increased significantly, as this year's Hannover trade fair country partner countries, Russia is already a Machinery Engineering Company in Germany's fourth largest export market, second only to Chinese, American and France.

   Russia is this year's Hannover trade fair in the cooperation, and has become a China, American and French company mechanical engineering in Germany's fourth largest export market. Germany and Russia are largest machinery supplier, the market share of 22.6%., the Russian government forecast the Russian market in the next few years will be sustained growth, the government will try to keep the market growth by billions of Euros in aid program. In the long run, for the export of industrial products of 4 German equipment manufacturers, the Russian market has great potential.


  2014 is expected to import and export of machinery industry will be better than in 2013

    The Chinese government has issued a number of fiscal and financial policy, especially for Small and micro businesses provide preferential; actively support enhanced cross-border investment management ability; further promote the RMB cross-border use; vigorously develop the export credit insurance, encourage foreign trade enterprises and the "going out" to provide investment, operation, labor employment package insurance services. These are the favorable conditions for further expansion of the export.

    However, due to the production of China's labor, capital, and environmental protection input prices, and appreciation of RMB, the export enterprise operating costs continue to rise, and because some countries take anti-dumping, countervailing and other trade protection measures, the export enterprises to expand exports has brought a lot of difficulties.

    According to the analysis above, is expected in 2014, industrial machinery import and export will be better than in 2013. Imports will remain low speed growth; exports since early 2013 cardinal number is larger, the first quarter of this year the increase in exports Co., may rise month on month year, throughout the year may increase of about 8%.


From: Chinese food machinery net  Time: June 16, 2014