Five misunderstanding on Diet
2014-06-23 02:53:43

Five misunderstanding on Diet

1, Refuse the baking food totally

 Bread baking food tastes delicious, many girls love it. But eat more easily lead to weight gain, so, a lot of people will for this kind of food at a distance. However, the hard wheat in the baking food can solve this problem.

2. Buy low fat dairy products.

  Almost everybody knows that we should reduce the intake of milk fat in the diet. WHO thinks milk fat is caused by heart disease and cardiovascular disease, which is one of the important factors causing diabetes and cancer. The reason is the content of saturated fatty acids in milk fat of growth hormone and high. 

But a thorough denial of milk fat is not the best choice, because it contains fat soluble vitamins in most of the milk. In addition, low adipose food is not delicious.

3, Excessive consumption of fructose containing food.

  Not only the purchase of fructose containing food is very popular in diabetic patients, but also in the weight of the crowd is very popular, they think fructose containing food is not easy to accumulation of fat, will not cause weight gain. But in fact, the heat they produce is not inferior to common table sugar, even beyond the sucrose. In addition, according to the WHO, fructose containing foods can inhibit the absorption of insulin composition -- trans fatty acids. Therefore, at the time of purchase should carefully check the packaging,   marked "trans fat free" food.

4. love to drink packaging juice.

  Compared with carbonated drinks, a lot of people think fruit juice more healthy. In fact, this is the illusion made by the juice seller, there’s much sugar in packing fruit, the same for the 100% pure fruit juice. In addition, packaging juice often lack the natural fiber fruit. Fresh juice is good to human body, but not excessive drinking, especially fasting.


WHO recommended daily fruit juice intake should not exceed 200 ml. Nutritionists recommend a weight in person diluted fruit juice, this will reduce the sugar content. In addition, fruit juice, especially sweet juice is the best drink in the morning, so after a day of exercise, not the accumulation of fat in the body.

5, Complete rejection of salt and sugar.

 Salt is of crucial importance to our body's operation, we should not be completely excluded salt foods, but should be appropriate reduction in salt intake. And sugary foods is the same.

Expert proposal, diet, if you refuse to eat certain foods, it is best to consult a doctor, to ensure the healthy body balance.

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