Fast Food Packaging
2014-06-14 21:51:15


Fast food box packaging.

 Fast food packaging requirements:

 1 packaging materials 

The fast food in general is now to eat the food of high temperature, so the packaging material of high temperature resistance; direct contact with food packaging, packagingmaterials are non-toxic, adding the additive materials also need high temperature, toxic material against heat, to ensure the safety and health;better stiffness of packaging materials, not easy to deformation, materialquantitative small, thin, easy to use. Our wooden lunch box is good in this field.

2 packaging structure, it is best with automatic folding, can be compressed into a flat transport and storage, use up automatic molding box body, box like pizza, hamburger boxes, cake box and chicken rice flower boxesare disc box. Packaging structure is strong and convenient use and carrying.

3 properties of packing to packing the most basic performance, namely theprotection commodity shape, taste, has moisture-proof performance oilinsulation. In short, snack food packaging first to health and safety, convenient to use and take away while maintaining the original quality of the food.