2017-05-27 19:20:25
      In recent years, everyone's expectations on food safety issues and business expectations of profit pursuit seems to be a contradiction. Everyone lives in this group, and when a person in the group is glad to be spared when he is spared by the health damage to others, a similar way is repeating by another food, and this cycle will eventually lead to everyone. Fortunately, the public awareness of food safety is gradually increasing, food safety laws and regulations are gradually improving, we believe  this social environment will be getting better and better.
      Food safety is closely related to food packaging safety. The disposable lunch box, because of its high frequency of use, involving a very wide range of direct contact with food, earns much concerns. And the disposable lunch boxes on the market, most of the fast food merchants commissioned by the disposable lunch box manufacturers custom and design fast food logo, etc., the lack of effective supervision, eating people may be more concerned if the rice is good enough. Even if you want to pay attention to disposable lunch box, you do not know how to check the quality.
      Suqian Green Wooden Products Co., Ltd., is a professional supplier of wood disposable lunch boxes, with more than 15 years of management experience, the quality of the wooden box, we have a nice control management approach. Our products have been spreading to Europe, Oceania, China Taiwan and other markets for many years, we gained domestic and foreign customers' praise. We specially design and produce a series of suitable Fast Food Boxes for domestics, we hope that with our efforts,we can improve the mess of the disposable lunch boxes.
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