Design of wooden packaging box promotes the value of packaging products
2014-06-18 19:09:10

 Design of wooden packaging box promotes the value of packaging products


The definition of packaging box in most cases is the same, the differences are usually in packaging products, box shaped design and packaging materials, T he designer must design with their own ideas, which makes different package boxes.

For a product, if the only requirement is storage box, there’s no need to do such design. However, if it comes to the meaning of the packaging, a wooden packing box need to beautify and upgrade it to the product. It is not only a wooden box any more.

Imagine if the product need is a protective packaging, also won't have people willing to spend more energy to do research is greater on the packaging, there would be no existence of wooden packaging, Lnoppen packaging is to design and production for the whole company, a packaging need design it is not only played the role of protection, in the product's image and value will increase, wooden packing box design and production will be different with other materials, such as process and the wooden box carton design is completely different, carton printing may require more the wooden box, and the process is usually paint carvings and wood plate grinding. But the need to improve the total effect of it is to refine on, making just one shouldn't be careless.


There are a lot of packaging materials, a lot of packaging design, meaning of course box packaging also have different, but the high-end packaging must be perfect refine on the design requirements.


From: Packaging News  June 12, 2014