Food packaging machinery industry development in China with both opportunities and challenges
2014-06-16 20:21:14

 Food packaging machinery industry development  in China with both opportunities and challenges


With the rapid development of national economy, China packaging industry has become one of the most development potential of the industry, will broad market space. Chinese food packaging machinery industry has made considerable progress, however, the foreign company exclusive representation still exist, this period has been reported as the development of "mixed food packaging machinery industry in china".

With the further development of the manufacturing industry, the future will become the development direction of intelligent food packaging machinery industry. Food packaging machinery market competition is global, China's food packaging machinery market scale expansion, but the level of product technology remains to be improved.

Domestic enterprises should also join the large investment in packaging design, this has certain positive significance on technological innovation of food packaging machinery. Our country is a calm and open market, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, which effectively improves our packaging machine level, and with the further opening of the market, China's food packaging machinery industry will further open international markets. In recent years, Chinese in all aspects of the high-speed development, but the development of food packaging machinery industry, the road is not Everything is going smoothly., it will face a greater challenge.