Foam tableware
2014-05-27 23:15:44

 ( Reporter Wu Wei ) in February last year , the National Development and Reform Commission issued " Decree 21 ", the elimination of foam plastic dinnerware removed from class and from last May 1 implementation. So far, once disappear back into the market disposable foam plastic dinnerware has been a full year's time, once again become a lot of catering businesses and consumers to carry food containers . But experts said the foam lunch boxes containing foods containing fat health risk , consumers should pay particular attention to the use of foam tableware .

Takeaway food and more with foam plastic tableware
Yesterday evening, the reporter in the Nankai District , a large farmer's market to see a lot of stalls selling cooked food offered are disposable foam lunch boxes . A stall is just speculation out of the two hot loaded into lunch boxes inside . Stall told reporters: . " This lunch box strong, very good dish installed " often buy takeaway Chow told reporters , usually small restaurants are loaded with dishes such as foam lunch boxes , my heart is not hot little worried should not be installed in such a lunch box inside , but do not bother with cutlery from home . While some large restaurants in the interview , the reporter learned that, due to security considerations , a large restaurant or multi- use biodegradable food containers , but will generally charge a fee of about $ 1 each to consumers .
Hot food can not be installed heating
Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi , said in an interview with reporters , foam lunch boxes containing foods containing fat health risks exist . Dong Jinshi , reminds consumers foam tableware with food security pH, whether oil, temperature, etc. have a great relationship . State regulations foam tableware should be used in the following 80 ℃. Studies have shown that after the case of heat will be deformed , and the release of harmful substances. As tableware products , most in need of attention is the "can not microwave and heated to high temperatures ," disposable foam plastic dinnerware not into the microwave , you can not put the steaming tray heating , cooking and hot soup can not be installed , such as hot food , especially the way Spicy side stalls , stir powder is not dressed up with a disposable foam plastic dinnerware . When consumers choose packaged cutlery , should try to choose a polypropylene (PP material ) transparent or translucent, do not choose white or other colors , in the course of preventing harm to the body .