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Home Customization
Product customization

Customize your environmentally friendly packaging!

We have a professional design team that can meet your all-round customization needs. We can customize the packaging for you according to your products.

Packaging with wooden elements can make your products stand out!

If you are using disposable plastic products in large quantities, we can replace them with pure natural fiber materials.

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UV printing

UV printing: Support pattern printing with multiple colors, without limiting the size of LOGO and patterns. With a unique varnish design, and high-quality texture. There is no MOQ, no need to pay the mold fee of LOGO, suitable for small batch customization.

Branding LOGO

Branding LOGO: The high temperature mold leaves a beautiful brown pattern on the surface of the wooden box, which is simple and elegant. Suitable for LOGO or pattern within 15*15cm. Low cost, suitable for customization of large-scale orders.


Screen ink printing LOGO

Screen ink printing LOGO: It is a monochrome ink printing. Multi-color pattern printing can also be achieved by overlay printing. Both large and small size patterns can be made. Low cost, suitable for customization of large-scale orders.

Hot metal logo

Hot metal logo: The mold transfers the material with metallic luster to the surface of the wooden box through high temperature, with a unique texture. Gold works best and has a luxurious texture. Suitable for LOGO or pattern within 15*15cm. The cost is also low, and it is suitable for customization of large-scale orders.


Please describe to us the dimensions of the wooden box you need, such as the length, width and height of the bottom box, and the height of the lid.

Please note that the MOQ for customized wooden boxes with transparent lids is 10,000, and for pure wood wooden boxes is 2,000.