Baking Master
2018-03-14 10:30:55

 France is not only a globally recognized romantic capital, but also the most authoritative and authoritative country in bread and baking. After all, the French grew up eating bread. In the bread field, the most talked about is the bread MOF master. In France, if you get the MOF title, it means you are the champion of this industry! Because in France, only the MOF award is received and presented by the President of France. Therefore, MOF is a very authoritative and credible honor. So how do we judge whether this roaster is a MOF level? In fact, we can recognize it from the naked eye because the MOF master has a representative workwear. Their collar is made up of red, white and blue colors. Represents the color of the French flag. An ordinary West Point teacher is not qualified to use this lattice collar!

In recent years, the domestic baking market has increasingly focused on the raw materials of baked products and whether the production is natural, as natural bread has become a trend. Such as the hot fat up to natural yeast bread. Therefore, the merchants imported a lot of raw materials and equipment from Europe, but no matter how we imitate European craftsmanship and materials, we couldn't do the authenticity of Europa. Later, we found that one of the main reasons was that domestic bakers were making bread. Not paying attention to details, and these small details are the main reason for success or failure. For example: how much protein flour contains, the purity of the water and the control of temperature, as well as the temperature of the room and other small details.

At present, there is a certain gap between domestic roasters and foreign masters of different ranks in terms of technology and R&D. Because France has a large number of professional training institutions, and French bakers are all from Koban, their starting point is also Higher than us, so we are not on the same starting line, but the gap is not irreparable. As long as you find a professional school and teacher to improve your skills through continuous hard work and learning, you can still catch up with or even surpass it!