Have you ever seen a few of these high-end atmospheric grade wooden packaging process?
2018-02-02 17:21:14

 In the era of differentiated competition. In order to be in a competitive position in the market, through the innovative design, the use of new materials and the application of special decoration methods, enterprise will highlight the brand image, create visual beauty and enhance product value, so that it can stand out from the shelf and become the first choice for consumers.


The wood packing technology mainly includes the skin, the sticker, the piano lacquer, the carving, the gold cleaning, the brand, the silk screen, the metal patch and so on. Based on the original wooden box, add these craft, the box can attract eyeball and enhance the value. However, the market is full of charm in the wooden box, with a variety of value-added processes allow each element to get the perfect show.


1. Skin sticking technology

The surface of the wooden box affixed a layer of cortical materials, wooden boxes and other elements given to highlight the high-end products and noble. This process is more suitable for some high-end wine boxes, jewelry boxes and other packaging.


2. Sticker Technology

Stickers process is the most commonly used wooden surface finishing technology. It can be divided into two kinds of machine stickers and handmade stickers according to the processing method. Wood paper is a new kind of decorative material, which is made of high molecular polymer (PVC) as raw material, adding a variety of auxiliaries, by pressing court, compound and wood print. Its characteristic is wood grain lifelike, it can imitate the natural plant's wood grain completely and achieves "the spurious truth" the effect, its fine workmanship surface effect, attracts the consumer's eyeball very much. It has found a promising direction for the development of the wooden box, and greatly improve the added value of the sticker box, and bring considerable profits for the enterprise value.


3. Piano lacquer process

The piano lacquer process is a kind of baking process. Compared with the ordinary high light spray paint, the piano lacquer has two major differences. First: the piano paint has a thick primer layer and the finish is fine. The surface is glittering and translucent and penetrable. Second: the surface of piano lacquer is crisp, and it should be carefully protected. Because of this difference, the brightness and compactness of piano paint is much higher than that of other lacquer. Piano lacquer table surface after decades is still bright, while the average brightness of painting has long been oxidized view of osmotic involution.


4. Engraving technology

The use of laser engraving technology for precision machining of wooden surface, with exquisite carving form, so that the packing box has simple and exquisite and elegant taste image.


5. Rub the gold craft

The bronzing process on the wooden box especially in the process of carving wooden surface coloring. It has the characteristics of fast speed, low cost and good effect. No matter the size of the graphic and the size, the size of the area can produce a very ideal decorative effect. Especially the rub gold craft powder colorful colors, commonly used to be gold, silver, black, and special colors can be customized. The use of gold powder to create noble and elegant visual effects, so that the surface has a three-dimensional feeling, thus attracting the eyeballs of consumers.


6. Imprinting process

Mark technology, the traditional process method, using different sizes of electric iron heating or hot stamping templates in the wooden box on the surface and scalding patterns and characters. With the development of science and technology, today is the use of advanced branding machine, directly heating the hot metal mold brand out of various patterns, characters. Branding can not only create the brand value from the visual effect, but also make the difference in the grade from the technology, and improve the value of the product.


7. Screen printing process

Printing exquisite graphic in the wooden box on the surface through the screen printing process. Silk printing ink is thick, strong covering and rich in texture.


8. Metal patch

The process with signs in the wooden box, is currently the world's most luxurious high-grade decorative signs. The general thickness of the label is 0.03 - 0.2MM, which is mainly made of metal copper, 24 K gold, imported 3M glue and other materials. The application of metal patches will help to improve the beauty of the products and the quality of the products. It is of great significance to open the market and increase the awareness of the brand.


In the wooden box full of charm of the market, with a variety of value-added processes allow each element to get the perfect show, it is a never-ending pursuit of wooden packaging enterprises.