2017-12-22 09:34:37

 CHILDREN SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM FOOD DESICCANT, food desiccant will become bombs when it meets water.

A few days ago, we saw a sad news from People's Daily online official weibo. An 8-year-old boy poured the desiccant from the package into a thermos, he is driven by curiosity, "the bomb" blasted his right eye, causing blindness in the right eye.

To children, a lot of things in the house are "bombs" besides desiccant.

Wang Miaomiao, the reporter of Henan commercial newspaper.

An explosion occurs when the desiccant is poured into the water.


An eight-year-old boy with a blindness in the right eye.

On December 12th, according to the People's Daily online official weibo.  Coco is an eight-year-old boy, when he ate snacks, he poured the desiccant from the package into a bottle for fun.

And the water bottle exploded in a moment when desiccant is poured into water. Only 20 minutes, the right eye of the boy was eroded by alkaline liquid, the whole eyeball was dissolved, the right eye lost sight.

The reporter from Henan business newspaper find that similar things are not unique, it is not unusual for food desiccant to cause harm, especially for children.

The desiccant on the market is more dangerous lime.

Ma Zhen, the chemistry teacher of the experimental school in zhongyuan, zhengzhou. He says there are two main types of food desiccants in the market, one is the high-security silica gel food desiccant, and the other is the dangerous calcium oxide, which is known as lime.

When calcium oxide meets water, it will have a chemical reaction and produce a lot of heat. It will promote the expansion of liquid and gas in the container, when the container expands to a certain extent, and the container is closed, then it will explode.

Silica gel desiccants and mineral desiccants will not only have physical reaction and will not explode in water. "There are silica gel desiccants on the market, but the lime drier is a little more, after all, the cost is low." Ma Zhen said.


We suggest local emergency rescue when eating acid alkaline items by mistake.

"We suggest local emergency rescue when eating acid alkaline items by mistake". Zhang Dongmei, the director of emergency department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University(provincial maternity and child health care hospital). She says if children eat strong acid and alkaline things by mistake, parents had better not urge the child vomit, the child should immediately be given oral milk or egg whites, to neutraliaze the strong acid and alkaline in the stomach, but not too much.

Zhang Dongmei and her colleagues have treated many children who have been eating food desiccant by mistake. Zhang Dongmei says, if there is an explosion of the food lime desiccant, and the liquid accidentally enters the child's eyes, at this time, liquid should not knead with hand, and it should be wiped with dry rag as far as possible, and go to hospital as soon as possible.

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