Make biscuits
2018-06-22 15:20:16

Cookies are a popular snack. I'm sure everyone is familiar with it. But have you ever made cookies? No, my mother took me to love and bake yesterday, making cookies, and experienced the infinite fun of making biscuits by myself.

Walking into the biscuit house, an aunt tied a small apron to me, and in front of me stood a pot containing some flour, sugar and a bunch of butter. Aunt let me exert myself to rub until the flour was rubbed yellow, and my aunt beat me an egg. What! I even need to stir eggs with it. Well, I don't want to give it a massage when I think of the sticky and greasy egg. But "no egg massage is not a good man"! I closed my eyes and put my hand down. Ten fingers of Zen worked, and the egg and flour became dough together. Ha ha, in fact, it is not difficult to make biscuits. I am complacent, but the most crucial step is to knead my face. "Hard to pinch, push hard, otherwise, the cookies will not taste good if they are baked. Do you understand?" I nod a nod. I pinch, I push, pinch, push and push. Although I used the "divine power", I still did not have a good teacher. The kneading dough of the teacher was very soft and surprisingly soft. Look at my kneading again. If you throw it hard, maybe you can kill a person! "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter!" I'll adjust the adjustment right now. Come on, you'll pinch this first! " Which is to be pinched! I do it without much effort! I divide the dough into three equal parts, one is the chocolate powder, the other is the tea powder, and the other is the original flavor.
Next, the mold should be used to make the shape of the biscuits. I first picked up the shape of a heart, and put it on the bottom of the black chocolate group, with the yellow "LOVE" on it, which was for my mother. Then I picked up a big circle, the three different colors of the surface of the transfer, take a strip of long strips, lollipop, and then a chocolate stick stick, this is a day to the face of the father, wish him happy every day, with a honeypot like! Finally, make a windmill for myself.
There is only one last procedure left below. Think of the delicious cookies that are baked, and they are drooling! At last I saw my dear little biscuit. After the package, I had a taste of my father and mother, and looked at them with a good smile. I also felt that my work was a good harvest.
Looking at the biscuits of different shapes in the bag, it's like seeing a full answer of your own. It's so gratifying, so proud!