2018-06-15 15:24:10

Baking is a pleasing thing. Its charm comes not only from the food itself, but also from the whole process of baking, the steps to be prepared, the process of making, the waiting time, the faint scent of the oven, the strong and mellow taste of baking. There must be a small problem in the whole process, from starting to buy baking equipment and preparation tools, to purchase raw materials for baking, and to the process of production, each step has a crucial impact on the final product. In addition, baking techniques such as toasting bread, cakes, biscuits and so on will also require different baking techniques, and the problems to be noted are different. Only by constantly trying and constantly accumulating experience can you avoid making too many mistakes in baking, and want to bake out natural bread with 0 healthy additions. In addition to chemical additives, there is one thing that Bingde's original yeast solution has, making it, making use of it, making the baking process more perfect.