I want to invent a convenient lunch box
2018-05-10 12:06:35

With the development of our age and the development of technology, all this seems to have created another catastrophe. Just take the lunch box you must use. You will never be strangers, and you will think of disposable lunch boxes, disposable chopsticks and so on. It's really convenient to come. When you throw it after you throw it, you can solve it. This is not the case. A pair of disposable chopsticks must be obtained by cutting down trees. Many people in the world want to go out. Many people need these boxes. They have to cut down the trees constantly and make continuous production, but no one cares about it after use. Plastic boxes are not a waste of resources, but this kind of lunch box can not be recycled, and can cause "white" pollution. In this way, the earth will have a thousand "fear". In order to protect the environment, I invented a happy lunch box:

This lunch box is light and smart, easy to carry around, very convenient, and the magic of the lunch box. Do you see the colourful buttons on the lunch box? Don't look at it seriously. You still think it's a row of patterns. First, let's talk about the blue key. Press it and you can meet the current needs. The design of the lunch box is the size and style you need, convenient to eat, and can be changed at any time to give people a sense of designer. The yellow key is next to the blue key. When you press it, you can choose the color of the lunch box and the pattern on the surface of the lunch box, making people feel like entertainment. Yellow key next to a pink key, it is more air, it will be a few psychological tests every day to give you, understand your mood, and match your mood in accordance with the food, and according to a certain structure, make people very satisfied. There is a green key next to it. That's the case. When you have a meal, the green system will help to collect the food, disinfect the lunch box, and process the reclaimed food again and again, and make a more delicious meal.
Ha ha, finished, is not a bit heartbeat! I am not a nonsense, I believe that in the near future, you will be aware of the importance of environmental protection, this kind of lunch box will naturally be born, at the time, people do not support it Oh!